Utah band’s ‘Jazz for Cows’ video goes viral

SALT LAKE CITY — A Utah Jazz club is getting worldwide attention for a video it posted on YouTube.

Brigham Young University music professor Steve Call was touring the French countryside with his jazz band called The New Hot 5. They were outside a restaurant, standing near a field when Call noticed a group of curious cows.

Call grew up on a farm in Brigham City and he was amazed by the beauty of those French cows. So he picked up his tuba and started playing.

The cows started moving near the fence, lining up one by one to hear the music. The rest of the band joined in until it turned into a full concert for the cows.

Call’s son recorded it on a video camera and later put it on YouTube. It instantly became a viral video with more than 800,000 hits so far. The video has been shown by news stations around the world.

Call hopes all the attention the group is getting from the “Jazz for Cows” video will eventually help them get invitations to future music festivals around the world.

Play the video below to see “Jazz for Cows.”





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